NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 19

From Chris:

“Write a five line poem. A E I O U challenge!”
line 1 only A vowels
line 2 only E vowels
line 3 only I vowels
line 4 only O vowels
line 5 only U vowels

many small maps and
even elk belches
instill miss Mimi with
odd food not for

bad dad packs raw
beets, egg eyes, eels
in kid’s
box for

Okay! my version, same thing except the last word in each line contains two vowels:
1 A and E
2 E and I
3 I and O
4 O and U
5 U and A

sand and brand name
beeches keep fiends
in tin inns bowling
on hot lots not thought
fun, but fun vacuums

all average
kelp insects
insist soil
pops upon
dull pupas

From me:

Sappho and James Elroy Flecker and others have written poems to poets of future generations, write a poem (it could be a letter poem) to poets not yet born.

are you reading this?
or am I writing this?

I wonder who you are
and what unfortunate circumstances
led you to read

when you could be reading
someone else
(who has yet to pay me to endorse them)

someone else
is really good
I highly recommend them

but you’re reading me
I sort of feel obligated
to write something important
something profound
something so beautiful
you will weep and laugh
and want to shout hallelujah from the top of buildings

but that’s hard
I’ll do that one later

do they still have buildings
when you are reading this?

do they still have smart asses?
if not
that would explain
why you are reading my poetry

if you are seeking to learn
the wisdom of ages past
you might
want to skip this age
and move on
to your nearer past
when the human species was
enslaved by giant amebas from Neptune
people were smart back then
or at least
they will be


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