NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 20

From Chris:

“Overheard conversation. In your poem today include at least part of a conversation you recently overheard. Your poem should be at least 6 lines in length… Be as creative with the idea as you’d like.”

I’ve done this prompt before by collecting pieces of many conversations and trying to include them in such a way as to make it all make some sort of sense. This time I’m only going to use one conversation fragment and try weave a scene around it. The fragment is: “if you can, will you forgive me.”

if you could
would you change the past
if you could
would you forget me
would you find a way
to make us never exist
but the past
won’t change
so if you can
will you try
to forgive me
and some day
I might also

From me:

Explore the theme of ‘too little, too late,’ and write a poem on this theme.

reducing carbon emissions

maybe if we somehow
remove half
the snowflakes
in the sky
the snowball
already two thirds
down the mountain
won’t be so bad
when it buries us


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