NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 21

From Chris:

“Write a poem about something you discovered and learned from.”

changing the water filter

the bar across the top
completely red
and the water tastes funny

so I open the new filter
and problems
I can’t get the old one out

I try to pull it
but my fingers slip
pounding on the top doesn’t work
even pulling with pliers is no good

a conundrum
then I think
it I tip it forward
in the pour position
and turn the water on
the pressure would force it out

I have outsmarted the water filter
and after congratulating myself
for a few minutes
I replace the filter
and start to clean up

when I discover
a mysterious folded piece of paper
in the filter box

of course

and in big bold print
I read “How to Change Filters”

at this point
I figure
it’s either going to tell me
to do exactly what I just did
it’s going to tell me
to do
exactly what I just did

some mysteries
are better left

From me:

When repetition is used effectively the repeated phrase often comes to mean or imply something new as the context around it builds and changes. Write a poem using repetition where the context around the repeated line changes the meaning of that line.

next time will be different
I’m, sure of it
I’ll do better
I’ll not be impatient
I’ll put even more effort in
I’ll start earlier
I’ve learned so much
next time things will have to be different
they’re not
it all happened just like before
I’ve learned so much
and I know I can do better
I’ll start earlier next time
and put more effort in
it won’t be
like last time
or the time before
next time will be different


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