NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 22

From Chris:

“Be political. Write a political poem. It can be general, or inspired by a specific current event. Make it purposeful and obviously political. Try NOT to be subtle. Make the opinion and viewpoint clear.”

You know, as I am pondering possible responses to this prompt, I can’t help but thinking that a good follow up prompt to this one would be to write a poem taking the opposite opinion as this prompt. But first I have to write this one.

I have so many opinions to choose from…

An obsessive desire for control is a neurological disorder…

There are people who create fantasy worlds in their heads where every thing and everyone fits into teeny tiny little boxes and their roles are subservient to the ones who create and are stuck in their fantasies. Of course the ones who create this hierarchy give themselves roles full of delusiory grandeur. The problem comes when they try to force the real world to fit into their fantasy of how the world aught to be. A bunch of billionaire three year olds getting frustrated when the circle peg doesn’t fit the square hole. But billionaires are not the only ones who can afford such fantasy worlds in place of reality, there are religious extremists as well. Christians who rewrite the Bible and history and ignore objective reality in order to place themselves in the center of everything, God’s chosen few, and everyone else is going to Hell. Because of course anyone who threatens (inadvertently or not) to topple these Christian castles in the clouds is the enemy and is certainly sent by the devil. For people whose psyches are based on such fragile delusions, the earth is a terrifying place, and anyone with a different perspective might accidentally tip the balance of the inverted pyramid that they store their inflated egos on. It’s not just Christian crazies of course, crazy Muslims go so far as to murder vast numbers of people to avoid facing reality. They destroy history and culture, wreck priceless artifacts calling them false idols, but they don’t get it, the only false idol is the ones in their own heads, the fantasy world they cling to is the false idol which needs to be broken. Regardless of what culture they come from, people with this kind of neurological disorder cause suffering for everyone and everything around them. They are too afraid to fly, so they clip everyone else’s wings. If more people had a strong psychological literacy, they would not allow crazy people into positions of power, and could prevent many of the horrors which otherwise so often occur.

This is why I don’t write political poetry, not for lack of trying, but every time I try it always turns into an essay. Not that essays are bad, its just sometimes I would prefer to make a point in a poem…

Also, “delusiory” is not a real word, but it should be.

From me:

When repetition is used effectively the repeated phrase is sometimes varied slightly, this can make the whole poem mean something different than it started out meaning. Write a poem using repetition where the repeated phrase is changed slightly and that slight change alters the mood or meaning of the poem.

Continuing the theme from above…

there once was king Midas
everything he touched
turned to gold

but you

are the anti-Midas
everything you touch
turns to shit

I don’t want to end the post on that note, so here’s another repetition piece:

history repeats
so does the present

the river flows
a swirl for you
a twig for me
we are all going
to tomorrow
via the now the today

history repeats
so does the present

I take one step
and call it now
the next step I take
is also now
this is all we have
shouldn’t we savor it?

history repeats
but today is a present


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