NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 24

From Chris:

“Write an opposite poem. Specifically take your political poem from Day 22 and re-write it from a completely different and opposing viewpoint.”

small minded fools
who will never understand
it was the ambition of Alexander
that shaped the world
Napoleon’s pride
made today possible
is the crucible
where the future is born
the weak
and the jealous
only see insanity
they can not move beyond their own fear
it was Genghis Kahn
and Caesar
who made now possible
it is the great ones today
who make tomorrow a reality
everything else
is just so much yapping

From me:

Arbor Day! Write a poem to a tree or about a tree or in the voice of a tree or as a conversation with a tree or collaborate with a tree or write a poem dressed as a tree, or a poem shaped like a tree, or write a poem while in a tree, just write a poem with something to do with a tree. Also, to make it contemporary, add something plastic.

I planted this seed
and spread water
all around
but I forgot to take it out of the package
putting it in the ground
now this tree will grow
and never know
that its top
isn’t supposed
to be a shredded plastic mop
this tree will grow
and sprout seeds
and the seeds will fall
then they too will grow tall
they will grow plastic leaves
and plastic flowers
and plastic bees and plastic moths
will adorn its branches
its flowers will be plastic
and plastic birds
and plastic squirrels
will scamper in the plastic foliage
until its chopped down
to make plastic bags
now if you plant a paper tree
that wouldn’t work
the water would soak in and ruin it


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