NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 26

From Chris:

Random first line from this site:, six lines or more.

“The whole family had been cursed since”

earlier in the day when
Tommy mistook the sacred alter of the holy enclosure
for the restroom
they were cursed
to sing show tunes whenever they bowled
since none of them bowled
they were also cursed
to walk on their hands
whenever in Scandinavia
but since they never went to Scandinavia
that didn’t work either
the priesthood of the holy enclosure finally resorted
to their final and most devastating curse
the whole family
would smell like rotten cheese
every time they failed to bathe for three days
the priesthood of the holy enclosure
were really not very good with curses…

“there was a strange waling sound coming from the next room”

it was Ahab
he harpooned his TV again
a pacific life commercial

“the horse came back alone”

Wilber was no where to be seen
she could have sworn
that when she looked out the window
both Wilber
and Mr. Ed
were on the rowboat
but the horse
came back alone…

From me:

Ch’I Yen Shih is a Chinese meter, in English it consists of quatrains of monosyllabic words. Each quatrain has seven syllables per line with a caesura after each fourth word, there is an end rhyme scheme of A, B, C, B. Write a poem using this meter.

a can of worms – took from me
found it’s way to – a pond trout
the trout could not – and would not
give the can back – cause of gout

some fish swim in – some swim out
some fish can walk – some read Faust
but the fish in – the red fins
is a knight fish – do you joust?

take a look at – that weird thing
on the floor by – the cat, it
moves and turns with – grace and pose
but what is it? – a Cheese-It?

to be one too – that’s what I
would want if I – could be one
of the cool kids – I would be
the best of them – and have fun

do you trust me – to give you
the keys to the – new green car
if not I should – like to know
why it’s on fire – in a bar

with the fall of – that which falls
that which will rise – starts to float
and that which floats – floats some more
but some stuff stays – on the boat


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