NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 27

From Chris:

“Create a color-full poem. One that uses a myriad of colors with a touch perhaps of something unexpected.”

using paint chips
trying to decide between aqua green
and midnight black
or neon orange
I could also go with silver
or turquoise
melon green is nice too
or hot chartreuse
lily plaid is nice too
I’m trying to pick the perfect color
to paint the undersides
of rocks
in a forest
west of Tulsa
what do you think of pancreatic pink?

molten gold cat eyes
through new green shoots
tinged orange
by an apocalyptic sunset
I dare not move
then I remember
I am not a mouse
I am larger than a cat
I say, “here kitty kitty kitty!”
turns out
it’s a puma…

From me:

Write a poem in two voices, such as a poem that is a conversation between two people, or a poem with lines meant to be read out loud by two people.

I said to my echo
what’s up?
my echo called back
you’re double parked
I said
my echo said back
I think my echo
is really bad at his job
I heard that!
my echo yelled
I didn’t say anything
I pleaded
you think really loud
my echo called
well you’re a terrible echo
I said
I didn’t mean to hurt my echo’s feelings
but he was really bad at his job
just for that
my echo shouted
I’m going to make duck noises every time you say anything
and that’s why Dick Cheney shot me in the face…


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