NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 28

From Chris:

“Read this generous excerpt from How To Read a Poem (and fall in love with poetry) by Edward Hirsch. It is from the book and very different than the essay located at Become the ‘scholar with one candle’ (Wallace Stevens) Click on my link (, read for a while and then write for 15 or 20 minutes. From your writing create your poem.”

a message in a bottle
addressed to me
found amid
sea rot
sea shells
living barnacles
the detritus
of ocean life
and pollution
a bottle
tossed away
in a moment
of hope
an abandonment of hope
a message
from me
to me
reminding me
that I existed
that a creature
called a me
once roamed this earth
in a far distant
and lost
fossilized now
only in memory
it knew
I would exist
it knew
the conversation
would not end

From me:

Write a poem where each line has an even number of words and the first letters of the words in the second half of each line are the same first letters and in the same order as in the first half. Try writing eight lines.

gone away glorious angels
sent to purgatory smile then pray
your maker will yield, may waver
burn your skin blacken your soul
damn god damn goodness
I was sacred I was sane
now look at me nearly lost and maimed
my glory is rot my grievance is righteous

Someone said to me recently they were raised with the idea that when in any sort of moral doubt they should ask themselves what would Jesus do, but observing history it seems most people ask themselves what would Satan do.

It also seems to me that this form/exercise could be broken into couplets.

when in doubt
worry in dread

the stars might fall
to silent misty fields

we will collect them
with wishes contain them

and doubt will pass on
away down with past obstructions

our sleep will be undisturbed
our slumber will become universes

dreams and dreamers
dancing amber daylight

birdsong intrudes
becomes insistent

a new day beckons
and night’s dreams break


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