NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 29

From Chris:

“Make up a word. Make up a couple of words if you want. Create a poem about and using this new word or couple of words.”

a phospholuvian snaporwill
from the fendenovian era
phospherized and fossilfied
under a frempton fooslesnap
needless to say
this is big
bigger than the nanconiamal noodle
but I don’t want to bore you
what’s your sign?

From me:

Speaking of holidays, I skipped April Fools Day, Good Friday, Passover, Easter, Army Day, POW Recognition Day, Administrative Professionals Day, and Earth Day. Write a poem which includes multiple holidays, preferably this month’s holidays.

one April Fool said to another
on Good Friday
I’m not going to pass over
until Easter is over
you can’t make me even with the army
then pow!
the recognition became apparent
he was no professional fool
he was an amateur
and the administration of Earth
would simply ignore him
no mater what he said
which made him incredibly happy
he could say anything he wanted to


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