NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 30

From Chris:

“This is the End, sang Jim Morrison. Write an end poem. It can be an end of the month poem, a last poem for your next collection of poetry, an end of a era, relationship, or world poem. The last four words of the poem should be: this is the end.”

(with lines from the song)

this is the end

we need to communicate better
he said
while interrupting me

my only friend
the end


the end

be uti ful friend
the end

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”
– Dr. Seuss –

say something
even if its not true

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
– Martin Luther King Jr. –

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

of everything that stands
the end

or fail
the end of all of our plans
no matter how elaborate

this is the end

zero hour
the fall of everything

this is the end

we need to communicate better

it is too late

the fires are lit

the world is spinning

is the end

it is nice
to imagine
and free


this is the trend

and bust
and run away

it could be worse

it has been worse

it is worse

depending where you look

there are no blue busses
going backwards

may be the end

but we will keep moving
through it

keep pretending
this pre-ending
is only a transition
not a shout in the darkness
against shouting

follows reaction

where are we now?

have we followed through?

is this the end
of them?
of us?

my only friend once said
I wasn’t a good friend

but that was then

and now

a wilderness of pain
every time you open the door

I’m sorry
I didn’t shout
I’m sorry
I said nothing

I’m sorry

you are no longer here

my friend

this is the end

From me:

The end is here! The end of NaPoWriMo until next year. So to commemorate this special ending, write a poem about the end of the world. It was fun while it lasted! 🙂

the end of the world

the Koch brothers

it may be End Times
but at least
its entertaining

oceans are rising
oceans are warming
bigger storms where storms are
worse drought where drought is

the end will happen
humanity will end
life itself will end
space will end
matter will end
time will end

but the universe is a big place
and we
are just microbes
on an Earth sized Petri dish

it will all end
but just how
and why
who knows?
the bullet points
did not arrive
no cliff notes
on personalized stationary
in the sky

and despite
some beliefs
to the contrary
a gay couple in Illinois
tying the knot
will not be the cause

the end will happen though
but in all probability
(which is a great oxymoron)
the actual script
is simply
not yet

Is that it? Is that all? No! of course not! Poetry is always all the time! Or whenever you are not in danger of crashing just to write a poem, on the freeway, grab your note pad and say to your passenger, “quick, take the wheel, I just had a great idea for a poem!” That doesn’t seem like a good idea, but poetry is a year round occupation, not just April. But this is all for NaPoWriMo this year…

Okay, okay, one more prompt…

Um… write a poem… where… each word… in each line begins with the letter the previous word ends on! Yay! I thought of one! I thought of one! Alright, so line by line each word (sans the first, cause it’s the first) begins with the letter the previous word ends with…

truth has surely yielded disaster
but the exact tendency
is solid despite erroneous simplifications
fiction now with honor requires significance
factual lettuce even new wax
when necessary
but travesty yet teeters
on not telling lies seasoned
with honest trustworthy yodeling
not telling gross simplifications
and demonstrating gratuitous self-control
maybe English has suffered due
to overreacting gravitas
surely your reputation needs some enthusiasm
but to only yell like everything growls
is stupid
try yesterday’s socks
and demonstrate enough hilarity you understand Dutch
then navigate East
and dance eloquently year round
you’ll like exploring Guatemala and dread dehydration
but that takes silence
not that those elongated dinosaurs should dehydrate
but the experimental laxatives should
now what talks should deviate either right through
or roughly yaw west toward dexterous Siam
most tall laughing goats still leave ewes sweating
but the elephant talks slow with his syllables sagging
you understand don’t


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