and day 2

I changed my mind about posting the NaPoWriMo Days one and two prompts together, but I forgot to change the title of the post. So here is the Day 2 prompt from Chris Jarmick.

Compassion, empathy, sympathy. What do the words mean to you?

What is the root meaning of those words? Perhaps watch a couple of YouTube videos about the subject. (suggestion Paul Ekman: The Roots of Empathy and Compassion under 5 minutes, Dacher Keltner Ted Talk on the biological and evolutionary origins of human emotion, with a special concentration on compassion 18 minutes plus, Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy 13 minutes plus , Daniel Goleman – Leadership and Compassion – Empathy and Compassion in Society 2013 14 minutes plus.

What poem wants to blossom now that you’ve thought of these words or done a little research or watched a YouTube or two about these words? Write that poem however it wants or needs to be written.

Minus the links apparently, no matter, here is my response:


emotional recognition


you know
there is just so much information in these videos, its going to take some time to process it all before it works its way into my writing

so I may follow up on this prompt from time to time as NaPoWriMo progresses


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