NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 5

From Christopher J. Jarmick A.K.A. Poetry Is Everything:

Write a ‘Don’t Ask’ poem.

In the book The Clouds Should Know Me By Now – Buddhist poet monks of china, editors Red Pine and Mike O’Conner write about Don’t Ask Poems. A fifteen poem series called Don’t Ask was written in 921 by Chi’i-chi after he was appointed to head a temple called Lung-hsing-ssu in Chiant-ling Hupei. In Chinese the poems are in five character regulated verse and begin with the words mo wen or Don’t Ask.

In English they become 8 line poems. Two line set-up, followed by 4 lines of ‘the teaching’ followed by two personal lines.

And here is my attempt:

don’t ask me why the file won’t close
my computer skills are limited
so much can happen when we don’t pay close enough attention
to consequences, to results
in a rush, have self-imposed deadlines
or just carelessness, but, we can always begin again
a fresh start might be just what I need
or even just a little break, while the computer reboots


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