NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 6

Another strangely familiar prompt from Chris Jarmick:

For this prompt you have to be flexible. Write a yoga poem, specifically include as many yoga poses in the poem that you can, but try not to use the names of yoga poses as yoga poses. Down Dog is a yoga pose, so the example would be I said down dog to my neighbor’s pomeranian and my girlfriend slapped me.

on a mountain
under a tree
the deaf man’s
awkward bird of paradise
had a cow face
and dolphin ears
but the deaf man loved his bird
he called it pigeon
and sometimes with his knee to chest
he would balance a pyramid on the knee
and with a spinal twist
become the lord of the dance
or a plank boat hero
he would lean forward
and become a flying man
the bird of paradise
only watched
on its box or fire log
while the deaf man gave up flying and became a gorilla
or pretended to plow a field
with a triangle chime
but one day
a downward facing dog
followed by an upward facing dog
climbed the mountain
and began barking
the deaf man was balancing the cat on his head at the time
using all eight angles of his concentration
so he didn’t see the dogs
but the bird of paradise did
and it became a wild thing
with fish for teeth
as it extended puppy rebuking bubbles at the dogs
there was an eagle too

the end


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