NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 8

From Chris:

Today’s Prompt : TV Show Poetry

Create a list made up of the titles of 10 TV shows. Use most of the words in each title on your list in each line of your 10 line (or longer) poem. Okay to be as creative with this as you’d like.

All In
The Nightly Show
Doctor Who
The Twilight Zone
The Outer Limits
Almost Human
No Reservations
Ash Versus The Evil Dead
Ru Paul’s Drag Race

I am confused about the directions, use ALL (most) the words in each line??? That doesn’t sound right, use all the words in the first TV show on the list in the first line and all the words in the second in the second line? Or just use all the words in a ten line poem?

It sounds like the first option, but now I wish I picked one word titles, as it is I would have 27 words at least in each line… I’m used to writing single syllable lines.

Oh well, here goes something:

all nightly the doctor in the ash gray Chevy Nova
pushed the limits of human oddness
but found no reservations for the twilight comedy show
he rued his lack of foresight and entertained evil thoughts
about dragging dead bunnies through a zone reserved for Paul
but thought better of it when his outer belly button suddenly popped inny
then he decided to go all out and buy an almost unused hammock
and take a nap, but the thought of racing in Paris versus a tuna
woke him from his zone out and he decided on going home to his dog
who was almost human and probably hungry

This is a tough one…


1 Comment

  1. You innovated and made a more difficult challenge for yourself…. Bravo!!!! I simply meant use at least one title per line or as close to the actual title of the TV show as possible. One or more titles per line. 10 Line poem. But your take on it… turns it into a real challenge! Yeah!!!

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