NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 10

Write a Triversen

A Triversen is a form developed based on William Carlos Williams’ poetry. Each stanza consists of a three line sentence, each line being a distinct clause or phrase in a sentence which combined is a complete sentence within the stanza. They can be six or more stanzas long. Sometimes they are typed by indenting the second line of each stanza and double indenting the third.

The sky
was full of dragons
and Rodin’s The Kiss.

I was thinking
about compassion,
about writing a poem.

Then, there it was,
a renaissance sculpture
in the sky.

The clouds were moving so fast,
it was gone
almost as soon as I noticed it.

And everyone else,
driving and walking,
didn’t even look up.

Compassion is a natural human response,
but it only works
if we are paying attention.

I combined this prompt with the Day 2 Compassion prompt that I wasn’t satisfied with. And actually, I might write more on the subject. The topic is interesting and important, but also there is just such juicy language involved in it as well, neural integration, periaqueductal gray, mirror neurons, familial compassion, heroic compassion, con-specific, social circuitry, Norway. A bunch of good words to play with!


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  1. Good write! Now you’re cooking!

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