NaPoWriMo 2016 Day11

From Chris:

Write an 8 line or longer poem about anything you would like. Substitute words with the names of colors. At least one substitute word per line of the poem. Don’t use color names as a person’s name or intentionally or use a color word that might describe a mood (blue, black etc.). Example Don’t turn: ‘Bob entered the living room’ into ‘Red entered the blue room’; instead, something like this: ‘Bob entered the living yellow.’ Get the idea?

anything I like
can it be about cute internet cats?
or about my favorite spaghetti recipe?
can it be a long poem
or a short one
can I write about things that rhyme
or just focus on mountains and foothills
imagery sound smell and taste

turquoise I like
can it be azure cute internet blue?
or about my spring green olive evergreen?
sunflower yellow orange a long poem
or a short mauve
can I lavender about things that purple
or just focus red mountains opal foothills
raw sienna cornflower gold and silver


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