NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 12

Happy Birthday Chris!

Describe the plot of one of your favorite movies in an oblique poetic way. It should not be particularly obvious what movie the poem is about (unless you’re a movie-nut/aficionado). So don’t use the title of the movie or recognizable character or actor names in the poem (and avoid famous movie quotes too). At the end of the poem feel free to identify the movie…outside of the poem itself. Anyway you want to approach this works (maybe try a persona for instance).

Unfortunately daydreaming doesn’t
Help holding a job, but
For a little luck and a gambling uncle

the ball keeps rolling
and catches up eventually
flat as the burger unflipped

but then the uncle steps in
(or rather the aunt)
and its suddenly show business!

until bills and being dumped lead to despair
let the janitor have the show
best idea you ever accidentally had

ratings beat the network
so the network buys the station
but not so easy

until the star is kidnapped
but that doesn’t stop the daydreaming

or the rescue
last minute, last bit of unexpected funding
and its happily ever after

Nothing oblique about it, also its the first movie that come to mind.


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