NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 17

Write a Tableau Poem (the form was created by Emily Romano in October of 2008).

What’s a Tableau Poem? Go here. Click on this or go here:

five beats a line
six lines per stanza
paint a picture

Spring tableau

flower blossoms everywhere
obnoxious birds chattering
squirrels begging and looting
weather can’t make up it’s mind
first it’s sunny, now cloudy
sunny again, blossom wind
covers all in pink polka dots

I am not a fan of meter in general, stresses are fading from modern English and different accents can sometimes change stresses. Also there is the issue with semi-stressed syllables which often throw me off. Not that I am against meter, I still attempt metered forms now and then, its just not very useful to me. There are too many other ways to achieve rhythm and I have never gotten the hang of hearing the stresses. People speaking modern English are just not trained to pay attention to the stresses anymore, and as the language evolves the stresses are getting less important. Though I am still a fan of people who are good with meter, like I said, its not very useful to me.


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  1. I don’t disagree with you. Just because you are able to write in form or use traditional meter doesn’t mean you’ll automatically write a poem worth keeping and as you pointed out the way various readers ‘Hear’ a poem varies widely based on many factors including region, what music appeals to them… etc. etc. However, I think it is valuable to stretch beyond preferences and get out of comfort zones through writing prompts and challenges that open up various techniques we might not otherwise ever play with. I know you do this a lot….and Striped Water and other writing groups will use exercises and prompts as warm-ups that are valuable. This might not produce a poem worth keeping but it might add something to a future write that would not have been there without going through some of these exercises and prompts. I think for me the Tableau form isn’t particularly conducive to bringing about a particularly worthwhile poem. However, I think it’s a good warm-up writing exercise and I can also see how it might serve me in a future writing where I could have a stanza inside a poem that is in this style. It is also is a form that’s fairly easy and simple to attempt.

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