NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 19

Although a little late.

No you are not going crazy, the crows really are talking about you. Write a poem which describes a conversation crows have while observing human behavior.

there are more of them every Spring

I wonder what they taste like

my grandmother had one once
after two groups of ’em
got together and killed each other
she said
they need barbecue sauce

I wonder why they do that
kill each other I mean

who knows
maybe there aren’t enough
cats and eagles big enough to get them
so they gotta be their own cats and eagles

hold that thought
that kid dropped a french-fry, its mine!

short attention span
you know all those french-fries are going to give you the runs

hey! there’s a guy over here
the bald one with the stripes on top
he’s polishing his car really shiny
I’m going for a closer look

I guess shit happens
wait up!


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