NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 24

Day 24 already! Where has the month gone?

This is from Chris Jarmick:

Word Mashup Poem

Write an 8 line (or longer) poem that has at least 2 mashup words (4 would be even better). Mashup words means you put two words together that normally would not ever be put together and may in your mind have a meaning that is different than the meaning of either of the words separately.

the many-maybeness of your smiteful smile
time-impairs my ability to gain-much meaning
from the edible-but-not-tasty arrangements of soap
you so pleasant-oddly sent to the dwelling-structure
where I eat-sleep-shower and exist most of the nonout time
let me boomerang the favor by invite-wording you
to try a toothpaste-camel for enamel-brightness and strength
wordly inside-shrub-doughnuts and visible-to-sight you next day


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