NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 26

From Chris Jarmick:

What the heck… let’s write a Tongue Twister. The idea is that similar consonant sounds and alliteration put together creates word streams that are difficult to say out loud quickly. No form or rhyme necessary but try to write a real tongue twister of a poem…..

The porter teleported to the lamppost in guadalampur (Kuala Lumpur) post haste. Wishing to be fishing or dishing a viscous shishing in a library to Harry or Larry or Karrie nary any very blaring braying or praying to loudly saying or voiceferfyingly noiselus noisificatious persons personally involved in volume to voluminous for interior versification. Thus the porter loitered lulled by pewter lamplight. He deemed his dream too demeaning for meaning other than being seen as demented he relented and remitted his previous dented dream of delirious seriousness disguised as disenfranchised dervishes in swervish delineations and destinations destined to diminish. Then the teleporting porter awoke and spoke to smoke about some slowpoke bloke who spoke too softly to provoke frosty fruit flies fury. Then he teleported away, to where we will never stress or suggest a guess.


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