NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 28

From Chris Jarmick:

Weather Terms. Go to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Page glossary of weather terms (a to z glossary) Pick some words and phrases to include in the poem you write today -use at least 4 words or phrases.

Depletion of snow and ice by melting and evaporation.

(Pronounced day-RAY-cho), a widespread and usually fast-moving windstorm associated with convection. Derechos include any family of downburst clusters produced by an extratropical MCS, and can produce damaging straight-line winds over areas hundreds of miles long and more than 100 miles across.

Mackeral Sky
The name given to cirrocumulus clouds with small vertical extent and composed of ice crystals. The rippled effect gives the appearance of fish scales.

In solar-terrestrial terms, the boundary layer between the solar wind and the magnetosphere.

there is a magnetopause
between you and me
your derecho of feeling
doesn’t quite reach me
I am the ablation of
your past and future
together we make a mackeral sky
but its only color others see
we do not connect


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