NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 29 prompt

Actually it’s the first but it is the 29th prompt.

This is a form invented by Chris Jarmick:

Start out your poem

with four to six lines

leading up to a situation

where you come to some

Sort of fork in the road;

literally or a life challenge

If you went on this path What might happen

would things change? If you took this path

Would the challenges Where might you go?

inspire you to something greater? What might happen?

Who would you meet? What would you see?

What would you see? What would you do?


there was a time
before I was here
when I was there
it was long ago
and I was someone else
someone with less layers

I could have gone elsewhere
and ended up being someone else
I could have overcome
different things
learned new lessons
I could have seen more
worried less
met different people

its the people I know now
that make life worth living
its this path
this convoluted
downward spiral
which contains all I care about
and I don’t have a time machine…


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