NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 30!

Its here already!
oops… its May first… I missed it…

But here are some prompts anyway:

Two from Chris Jarmick:

write an “I” poem without using “I” and/or create a subversive dialogue of the writing of an “I” poem within the poem you create.


Create a poem made up of lines that you used in poems you have written recently (preferably NaPoWriMo poems you have been writing). Create three 4 to 6 line stanzas made up of previously written lines.

no “I” poem
or not an eye poem

there is no aye in team
only nose
the person who is typing means “no” in the plural sense
not the sniffy thing on your face
but none the less
the point is clear
teamwork is about crushing teammates
that’s why politics works so well

but this poem is not about me
and it should be
but not including my eyes
which are by the way
two of me nicest features
so it’s difficult
saying things like eye sea yoo
when typing letters between ‘u’ and ‘o’
on the keyboard is forbidden
and you should understand
when it comes to writing about me
and not using that letter
its hard to be serious
which is a normal state of mind
for the person typing this piece who is not and never will be in this poem referred to as “I”

Poem from lines from previous NaPoWriMo lines:

try folding night
its harder than it looks

don’t ask me why the file won’t close
I’m busy folding night

I was thinking
and it hurt

hold that thought

so you think its funny now?!

only twenty-eight characters
well I guess twenty-eight characters were funny
but the rest of it wasn’t

in that case, you say, Breakfast Can Wait
at least until after I’m done folding night

only at the end
do I realize I am talking to myself…

And here some other prompts of mine which didn’t make it into the list this year:

Write four lines where the first line is made of only one syllable words, the second two, the third three, and the fourth four syllable words:

a light shines
over highway signage
heavenly quietude
emancipates pterodactyls

Double acrostic, first letters of each line spell something, so do the last letters:

Words Sting

with all the slices
on watch for the night
rats will name themselves Vivi
doing their best to grown
singing for the time being

Write a poem which includes unusual soup ingredients, explain why you are using these ingredients:

add self-doubt for realism
include the bone of a recently waxed octopus
or if octopi don’t have bones
use a screwdriver
preferably Philips
you will need the iron
and something solid to complain about
add a five leaf clover
not for luck
but because its green
and green is your new favorite color
if only for today
add the wish of an autistic child
it needs a little sweetness
now add the bitterest argument you have ever had with your father
and boil for ten minutes
before deciding on carry-out

Find the scientific name of a plant, write a poem describing characteristics of the plant while rhyming with the scientific name:

Lavandula angustifolia
so much nicer than magnolia
39 species, relative to mint
sent from the deodorant company gods
or the medulla of crocodilia
august Roman flower
my favorite color
Lavandula angustifolia
holier hues haunt many dreams
but I only smell your essential oil
your perfect meme
perfect for my dream

Okay! That’s it! Thanks and write more poetry!


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