NaPoWriMo April 1,2,3, 2017

YES! It is once again National Poetry Writing Month.
I am a bit late getting started, but I’m a poet so perhaps it’s to be expected.

This is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in some cultures known as April, it is the month where poets and poets-who-don’t-know-they-are-poets write a poem a day for the entire month. The idea is to write, not write excellent, although writing excellently is accepted too, but bad poems are welcomed and encouraged as well as good poems and things which might be poems and might not be poems but were written none the less. To facilitate this writing poetry end, many poets post poetry prompts for each day of the month. But I’m lazy so instead of posting my own prompts I’m just going to follow along with Chris Jarmick’s prompts from Poetry is Everything at There are also poetry writing prompts at, so I might mix it up a bit… or not.

As I mentioned before, I am late, its the 3rd and I have yet to start. So catching up, here we go!

From Chris Jarmick, Day 1:

“First lines of books. Choose 5 to 6 first lines in books that you admire. Mix them up to create two new sentences. Use one sentence to begin your poem and another to end your poem. From the sentences you chose use three words from one or more of the sentences as they originally appeared (in order) in lines 2, 3, 4, and 5.”

“It was my destiny to join in a great experience.”
The Journey to The East Herman Hesse

“The Time Traveler (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us.”
The Time Machine H. G. Wells

“The messages were found written in touch-gland exudation on degerminated acacia seeds laid in rows at the end of a narrow, erratic tunnel leading off from one of the deeper levels of the colony.”
The Compass Rose Ursula K. Le Guin

“It was a small town by a small river and a small lake in a small Northern part of a Midwest state.”
The Halloween Tree Ray Bradbury

“I think… that I would rather recollect a life misspent on fragile things than spent avoiding moral debt.”
Fragile Things Neil Gaiman

“It was very late, and Raymond, fighting insomnia, went for a midnight snack.”
Wiener Dog Art Gary Larson

My Poem:

Destiny, the traveler found was written in small rather fragile messages.
In a great touch-gland river, a small erratic part that would end the journey went for seeds.
Seeds small in a Northern misspent life.
I think it was my expounding in rows at the end that went leading to moral debt.
The colony, avoiding my small fight, found destiny leading off to a life very fragile.
I would rather snack on misspent acacia seeds that join the deeper levels of insomnia.

Day 2:
From Chris:

Write a poem which uses repetition.
A poem that uses repetition, write one.

Writing a Poem

So I’m writing a poem
a poem a poem
its a poem about writing
writing a poem
So I’m writing this poem
and while I’m writing this poem
it occurs to me
that while writing this poem
I might actually be writing a different poem
and not even know it
so I stopped writing this poem
and made an effort to write the other poem
then it occurs to me
that while I think I might be writing this other poem
I might actually be writing the first poem
but I’m not finished with either poem
so I keep writing
not knowing which poem I am writing actually
so I am writing this poem
which might be another poem
which could also be the first poem
then I think
a poem a poem
I am writing a poem
whichever poem it may be
then I stop

Day 3
From Chris:

“Choose one of these random 10 words lists. Can you use at lease 6 words from the list you choose in 6 lines or less? Can you use all 10? Can you use 9 or 10 words in 4 lines?

Abstract, force, lover, gossip, reporter, beg, captivate, cause, sentiment, bulletin
Think, toll, race, pure, visual, trap, revival, mistreat, harm, judicial
Wait, ranch, scrape, retire, sanctuary, session, recover, major, determine, integration”

you will not force me
to gossip, to beg
to captivate sentiment for a cause
cause here’s the bulletin
though it may be too abstract for you lover to get
I’d do it for free

you think a toll would stop me
or a trap intended to mistreat or harm
perhaps pure judicial conniving
no, I will win this race
and if I should fall
my revival will be a visual masterpiece
I said
I will do it for free

wait, no, you retire to your sanctuary
our session is over
don’t scrape the ranch dressing from your tongue
I will do it for free
your pride will recover
this isn’t a major defeat
my determination will find integration
in this new equation
you only need to determine how to cope
I will do it for free
but if you really want to pay me
that’s fine by me too

Thank you, you’re welcome, that’s it for now. Please write your own poems. Happy NaPoWriMo. More tomorrow (unless I’m late again).

Happy Writing!


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