NaPoWriMo April 4,5 2017

Day 4
Write a poem in the voice of an extinct animal.

Oh I’ve tried tweezing
and lasers and chemicals
and razors and waxing
but it comes back each time
woolier and woolier


we put daisies
over their eyes
because the eyes of flowers
are always open
looking to the light

we visit them
because like us
they are lonely
we paint our stories on the walls
and wave good-bye
through the millennia

Day 5
(from Chris Jarmick)
Write a poem that gives unconventional advice. Any style, any form.

there is a time
in everyone’s life
when you have to make the choice
or new pants
I recommend ice cream


How to train your cat in four easy steps.

First, learn to understand what it is your cat is trying to tell you.

Second, do what you’re told.

Third, realize who is training who and explain to your cat that you are the one in charge. At this point your cat will either not understand, or more likely, not care.

Finally, get used to it and repeat step two.


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