NaPoWriMo Day 6,7,8,9 2017

Yet again I’ve fallen behind… Its a busy month!

Now, Day 6

Find a piece of music without words, listen to it and write a poem as the words or simply inspired by the piece.

Never by Coil

inside and outside
flowers bloom
like Issa said
on the roof of hell

outside and inside
dancers dance
in circles
circles in circles

on the roof of hell
angels sing
angels dance
flowers bloom

beneath the ceiling of heaven
flowers wilt
dancers fall
devils sing

beneath the ceiling
we wait
for our bones to dance
among the flowers

Day 7
From Chris Jarmick:
“The Septolet (SEP-TOE-LAY) has 7 written lines. There are 2 types. Let’s try to write a formal and informal Septolet. A formal septolet is 14 syllables and an informal septolet is 14 words. The idea is to capture a moment or image in possibly two separate ways.”

the last

the first
but then


how can
I write a poem
in just
fourteen words?

I just

Day 8:
Write a bad poem, no pressure, let yourself go and write the worst poem you can.

(Do not make this a really short poem because in a few days we’ll be doing something else with what you write!)



I didn’t say pee

okay sniff my butt
but don’t get any ideas…

oh good…
chew up my wallet and all my cash

yes, yes
bark at the neighbors all night
they don’t like sleeping
and neither do I

go ahead
drink out of the toilet
I’m in no hurry

and bury the car keys

I’ll just walk

I don’t know why I even bothered
to write you down…

Day 9
From Chris:
“Write a denial poem.

Deny something true or untrue in your own or another’s voice.”

On Chris’s blog
Poetry is Everything
he has been attributing
strange poetry prompts to me
its not true
like the bad poem
I would never encourage people to write bad poems
I think people should write good poems
he also said I told people to write
in the voice of an extinct animal
how sad
that Chris can’t admit his prompts are tiresome
and who would want to write in an extinct voice anyway
people want contemporary poetry
not dead animals
dead animals make me sad
but Chris
he outdid himself
he said I suggested writing a poem to a piece of music
that doesn’t have words!
how presumptuous!
If a piece of music has no words
don’t you think
its not supposed to have words?
I don’t know what Chris is thinking
it boarders on slander
not only is he trying to pass his bad ideas off as mine
he keeps taking credit for my poem starters and septolets!
the nerve!

I deny writing this poem!
this is a terrible piece!
somehow this poem is all Chris’s fault too…

Thats all for now!
Happy writing!


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