NaPoWriMo Day 20, 21, 22 2017

Happy Earth Day!

…hope its not the last one…

Day 20:

Write a poem which includes at least six homonyms, words which are pronounced the same but spelled different. Use as many as you can.

two too many homonyms
could ruin this poem
perhaps if I draw a rune
I could look in the eye
of fate and debate hexagonal
hexes by moonlight
or say bye to future
I didn’t want anyway
but that is too easy
so I must decide whether
or not to chance the weather
and if sew this poem together
like so many others
with a question?

Day 21:

From Chris Jarmick, who else? “Use at least 5 completely made-up nonsense/sound words in a poem at least 8 lines in length.”

fiverently leveling five
words in a flurdish manner
to conpensquait the forithiner
of flounderings
without discongirely
being sopilinated
at least not too much
but I digress
I am comspounding on important
elocutions of simple
not a conspiridilly of fancifuitful
so excuse me
while I underthroingly punt
this poetater into the void

Day 22:

Find twelve words related to geology, now use them in a love poem (or anti-love poem).

of surface

I am not magma
I live
on the surface

I don’t want to be removed

not by acidic mine drainage
not by an active volcano
although that was better for Pompeii
than oil waste in the water

I want an actinolite view of the world
a world outside
the human
I want to live in an amethyst
fossilized with ammonite
in an andalusite dream

I want to use “a” until I
in an A+ sort of world
not deranged by anyone else’s
angle of unconformity

my aquifer of emotion
is porous enough for me

but you are you
and you
are extinction
bound only by a thin thread of
-insert geological term beginning with “a” here-

and I have nothing more to insert


Okay so not quite 12, but its a good place to end. Albeit an oddly sexual kind of break-up end…

Anyway, Happy Writing!


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