NaPoWriMo Day 24, 25 2017

I forgot something important…
But I think I remember it now…

Isn’t being mysterious fun 🙂

Day 24:
From the amazing Chris Jarmick: “Write a poem about the alphabet, or letters, or your favorite or least favorite letters of the alphabet, or a relationship you have with one or more letters of an alphabet. The poem should be in English but the alphabet could be other than English. You get the idea.”


The above is the shortest poem in the English language, its an acrostic and it contains the entire universe.

I’d forgotten
and I compromised
on too much
I might still compromise
its a bad habit
and some limitations
are hard to let go of


its a word
a letter
a state of being

it gets lost
in the needs and wants
of other I’s

there is only one
I that I am stuck with

its time
to remember
once again
that this I
the only one I have
needs to be
a priority
if not more

Day 25:

Upside-down is the theme, write a poem.

Another prompt that I don’t know what to do with that Chris is blaming me for coming up with…

Okay, I’m not going to write about a cake…
Not going to write about Australia…

How about this:

a bird
landed on my toe
I shivered
my knees buckled
and my hips swayed
I clenched my stomach
tightened my chest
ignored the pain in my neck
and the top of my head
and stood as still as I could
the sparrow
wouldn’t fly off
carrying me to its nest

Happy Writing!


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