NaPoWriMo Days 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 2017

A prompt promptly from Chris:
Day 26:
“Write a couple of short poems embracing an absurd idea as a reality which perhaps comments on popular culture, or language or history or if you must politics.”

Absurd idea!
I never write about absurd ideas.


I don’t know what it is
but its green, leafy, and growing
so it can stay
the fact
that its growing from my spine
complicates matters…


The number between two and four
should be abolished
shouldn’t even be said!
its and evil number
which intends to make the world gay
its true!
do the math
you’ll see
saying the number three
can even cause tyops!
it shuld b ablolished!
either that
or just re-name it
call it un-four
or domestic two
or a same-numeral-three
but for the love of all that’s holy
don’t call it three!

Day 27:
From Chris: “Let’s use anaphora in our poem today.”

once upon a time
no, it was twice
twice upon a time
no, that’s not it either
upon a place
a place upon a time
in place of twice
once upon an ounce of time
there was a place
upon a time

Day 28:
Write a poem about a sandcastle.

each grain
in its place
each shell
a question mark
on the continuity
of existence
the tide-line
marks the starting point
run fast enough
and don’t look back
the castle is gone
you’ve made it past the shore
with no where else to go
so sit
and wait
for the tide to recede
build another castle

Day 29:
From Chris: “Pick 4 or more Titles of current Best Sellers (there are several types of lists to choose these from) Choose 4 titles from the lists. Use the titles (as close to intact as possible) in a poem 4 to 8 lines long.”

Cosmic Egg
Not Aloud
Gone to Gold Mountain
Tree Talk

I heard the tree talk
it spoke of an acorn
which had gone to gold mountain
and grew into a great oak
it whispered about the cosmic egg
and how when it hatched
all the birds in existence
flew in circles whispering
I asked the tree
how it know all of this
the birds
it said
the birds bring stories
bring news
I asked to hear more
not aloud said the tree
or people will think you’re crazy

Day 30:
From Chris:
“Choose 4 lines from what you have written in the last 29 days. These lines become lines 1,3,5, and 8. Write new material for the 2nd , 4th , 6th and 7th lines to create your final NaPoWrimo 2017 poem.”

1 Previously Written Line
3 Previously written line
5 Previously Written line
8 Previously written line

it’s an evil number
once upon an ounce of time
each shell a question mark
people will think you’re crazy

people will think you’re crazy
calling yourself a poet
its an evil number
they will say
once upon an ounce of time
they will implore you
but the tide writes poetry too
each shell a question mark

its an evil number
the one you’re thinking of
people will think you’re crazy
if you count to it out loud
each shell a question mark
in the riptide of your mind
but once long ago you measured with imaginary numbers
ounce upon an ounce of time


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