NaPoWriMo April 15, 16 2018

April 15
IOU, its tax time so lets write an IOU poem. The only vowels you can use are of course, I and O and U. I would suggest using them in that order repeated throughout the poem if you can, try for eight lines.

thin old unicorns run
without light or sun
while our lions purr
with brown rust in gold fur
girl-boys must fight for trust
I, you, is not us
glib old unicorns turn
sigh songs unfit for nuns

April 16
From Chris Jarmick
“If you haven’t heard, we lost Sam Hamill April 14th. He was born of unknown parents in Utah in 1942 or 1943 probably September 5th. Quite the early life but ‘poetry and Ken Rexroth saved him’. Poet, Translator, Copper Canyon Press founder, poets against the war and much much more.

Write a poem that evokes or is about Sam Hamill.”

“I believe the poem is a sacramental act, pure devotion to whatever may be revealed only through the music of intuition. The dance of the intellect, the dance of wild imagination, illuminates what cannot otherwise be known.” ― Sam Hamill

“I write in my notebook with the intention of stimulating good conversation, hoping that it will also be of use to some fellow traveler. But perhaps my notes are mere drunken chatter, the incoherent babbling of a dreamer. If so, read them as such.” ― Sam Hamill, The Poetry of Zen

intuition flowers
by beings
at an obscure angle

a crow calls
three times
as it flies
into gray
cloudy day

some say time is a river
time is an illusion

I think of words as illusions
meaning as truth

how to peal away words
and dive into the real

a crow calls
three times

there is no crow

its already flown away

Happy Writing!


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