NaPoWriMo April 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 2018

April 21
On a lighter note, write about light. Is it a wave, is it a particle, be ‘sciency’ and write a poem about light. Try to include at least three scientific terms relating to light.

bright idea
writing about light
I don’t see
the smallest particle
of relevance
has with poetry
maybe I’ll just wave it off
as a flash in the pan idea
now its gone

April 22
from Chris Jarmick
“April 22nd – Happy 75th Birthday to Louise Glück (1942) who won the Pulitzer Prize for 1992’s Wild Iris. Honor her with your poem today. Read some of her poetry and perhaps borrow something from her to create your poem.”

“The soul is silent. If it speaks at all it speaks in dreams.” ― Louise Glück

what dream is this
the one
with the two black cats
hero twins
one hot
the other cold
something to do with physics
their names
make that relevant
if only I could remember
their names
one playful
the other sleepy
back behind the couch
on the heater
in awake retrospect
in front of the heater
is not the best place
to put a couch

April 23
from Chris Jarmick
“April 23 – William Shakespeare (1564 to 1616), author & poet, Vladimir Nabokov (1899 to 1977) and Oregon-born poet Edwin Markham (1852 to 1940) were all born this day. Can you write a poem that somehow evokes all three?”


April 24
from Chris Jarmick
“April 24th – Happy Birthday Robert Penn Warren (1905 to 1989) He was a three=time Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and poet and was the first U.S. poet laureate. So write a poem to remember, honor or perhaps write a Warren parody poem.”

The lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the modern world. – Robert Penn Warren

How do poems grow? They grow out of your life. – Robert Penn Warren

how does history grow
do famous figures write their own
poems or
grow corn with their names inscribed on each cob
they lack what makes the living
grow, they are
of the flow of us, you
your living may be their reflection
life grows from life

April 25
from Chris Jarmick
“Happy Birthday Ted Kooser (1939) our 13th US poet laureate. His poetry seems to be rooted in the Mid-West and captures a vanishing way of life without being overly nostalgic. So write a ‘Kooser’ poem today.”

There are mornings when everything brims with promise, even my empty cup. – Ted Kooser

and then there is today
sad droopy
falls flat
on my empty cup
oh it’s not empty
because I didn’t fill it
it’s the crack
which has leaked my morning caffeine
onto the counter and floor
the cat is doing summersaults
buzzing around the room
from her taste
but me
I’ve long since
stopped eating off the floor
though today
and this being the last of my coffee
I’m tempted

April 26
from Chris Jarmick
“Open a book to page 26. Write down the first word that is 5 letters or longer (but not a proper name). Write down the 26th word (or the first four letter word after the 26th word). In the 4rd paragraph write down the first four letter or longer word. Write down the 10th word or the one after the 10th word that is at least 4 letters long and then the next 5 letter word after that. From the end of the page… write the last 4 letter word on the page. Share your 6 words. Use one of the 6 words in the title of the poem. Write a poem at least 6 lines long using all 6 words in the body of the poem. As a bonus challenge Write two different poems with the words.”

What if my book has only 25 pages and they’re all pictures?


Brain Droppings George Carlin


some rulers
some minor details
from history
where some only hear
what they want to hear


some rulers
measure history
in centimeters
where some prefer inches
I hear one ruler forgot which was which
and banned measurement all together

Okay okay okay…
April 23
from Chris Jarmick
“April 23 – William Shakespeare (1564 to 1616), author & poet, Vladimir Nabokov (1899 to 1977) and Oregon-born poet Edwin Markham (1852 to 1940) were all born this day. Can you write a poem that somehow evokes all three?”

Willie asked Vlad
if he had a tad
of sugar
Eddie Mark
was baking a cake
Vlad said na
he had to shake out of town
to catch a train
before it came
so no sugar
for Ed Marks cake
but bro
Bill said
you can’t go
but Vlady took his mirror
and his spear
and hit the road
the road didn’t hit back
this roads got a mean left hook
Eddie Marks cake
came out great
cause Willie found some honey
and now they’re all dead
or so I’ve been told

Happy Writing!


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