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from poetry to food

This is a quick break from poetry to post a couple recipes I’ve discovered. The first one started out with a conversation on vegetables, particularly baked with a roast of some sort. That got me hungry, but I’m not sure how to go about making the roast and the oven I have is a really …

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okay, I’m here I should just leave it at that 🙂 but I owe you a recipe… Here is one I came up with down under: onion olive oil cilantro (not too much) shredded carrot (not too much) taco seasoning ground turkey a little bit of curry powder can of kidney beans cheddar and feta …

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cats and dogs and chili dogs

People refer to their pets as their children sometimes. How come no one ever asks people to spay and neuter their children? It would certainly make a good bumper sticker. In general I don’t agree with spaying and neutering animals. It often seems more about control than the health of the pets. Isn’t it more …

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