NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 29 prompt

Actually it’s the first but it is the 29th prompt.

This is a form invented by Chris Jarmick:

Start out your poem

with four to six lines

leading up to a situation

where you come to some

Sort of fork in the road;

literally or a life challenge

If you went on this path What might happen

would things change? If you took this path

Would the challenges Where might you go?

inspire you to something greater? What might happen?

Who would you meet? What would you see?

What would you see? What would you do?


there was a time
before I was here
when I was there
it was long ago
and I was someone else
someone with less layers

I could have gone elsewhere
and ended up being someone else
I could have overcome
different things
learned new lessons
I could have seen more
worried less
met different people

its the people I know now
that make life worth living
its this path
this convoluted
downward spiral
which contains all I care about
and I don’t have a time machine…


NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 28

From Chris Jarmick:

Weather Terms. Go to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Page glossary of weather terms (a to z glossary) Pick some words and phrases to include in the poem you write today -use at least 4 words or phrases.

Depletion of snow and ice by melting and evaporation.

(Pronounced day-RAY-cho), a widespread and usually fast-moving windstorm associated with convection. Derechos include any family of downburst clusters produced by an extratropical MCS, and can produce damaging straight-line winds over areas hundreds of miles long and more than 100 miles across.

Mackeral Sky
The name given to cirrocumulus clouds with small vertical extent and composed of ice crystals. The rippled effect gives the appearance of fish scales.

In solar-terrestrial terms, the boundary layer between the solar wind and the magnetosphere.

there is a magnetopause
between you and me
your derecho of feeling
doesn’t quite reach me
I am the ablation of
your past and future
together we make a mackeral sky
but its only color others see
we do not connect

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 27


Write a parody of a form, rhyming poem, or popular song. Take a poem or song lyric and write a humorous parody of it.

From Emily Dickinson’s Funny — to be a Century —

Serious — to be a decade —
And see the Poodle — moving on —
You — should live in simplicity
Only — you are not moving — as She

She keeps Her tail poofy — sort of
Were She to yawn — extremely tired
This Baleful Pooch of Yours would
circle so many times

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 26

From Chris Jarmick:

What the heck… let’s write a Tongue Twister. The idea is that similar consonant sounds and alliteration put together creates word streams that are difficult to say out loud quickly. No form or rhyme necessary but try to write a real tongue twister of a poem…..

The porter teleported to the lamppost in guadalampur (Kuala Lumpur) post haste. Wishing to be fishing or dishing a viscous shishing in a library to Harry or Larry or Karrie nary any very blaring braying or praying to loudly saying or voiceferfyingly noiselus noisificatious persons personally involved in volume to voluminous for interior versification. Thus the porter loitered lulled by pewter lamplight. He deemed his dream too demeaning for meaning other than being seen as demented he relented and remitted his previous dented dream of delirious seriousness disguised as disenfranchised dervishes in swervish delineations and destinations destined to diminish. Then the teleporting porter awoke and spoke to smoke about some slowpoke bloke who spoke too softly to provoke frosty fruit flies fury. Then he teleported away, to where we will never stress or suggest a guess.

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 25

From Chris Jarmick:

Write a PAP (a Personal Acrostic Poem)!

Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title. So for the PAP… Spell out your name (first and last… or one or the other) and reveal something about yourself in the poem.


NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 24

Day 24 already! Where has the month gone?

This is from Chris Jarmick:

Word Mashup Poem

Write an 8 line (or longer) poem that has at least 2 mashup words (4 would be even better). Mashup words means you put two words together that normally would not ever be put together and may in your mind have a meaning that is different than the meaning of either of the words separately.

the many-maybeness of your smiteful smile
time-impairs my ability to gain-much meaning
from the edible-but-not-tasty arrangements of soap
you so pleasant-oddly sent to the dwelling-structure
where I eat-sleep-shower and exist most of the nonout time
let me boomerang the favor by invite-wording you
to try a toothpaste-camel for enamel-brightness and strength
wordly inside-shrub-doughnuts and visible-to-sight you next day

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 23

From Chris Jarmick:

Loop Poetry is a poetry form created by Hellon. Familiar to other forms, but certainly an interesting variation and not difficult to learn and try.

What’s a Loop Poem? Click here to get the rules and see examples or go here:

abcb end rhymes, as many stanzas as you wish, last word of each line in the stanza become first word of the next line.

only at the end
end of everything
everything which begins
begins to sing

should the world continue
continue to decay
decay and transform
transform into a new day

and we would all transcend
transcend and become light
light the way home
home from our plight

and it would not be the end
end of everything
everything and our dreams
dreams come new each night while we sleep while we sing

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 22

Chris Jarmick and I had the same idea, inspired by the untimely death of Prince.

Use several titles of Prince songs in your poem. At least 5 in a 10 line poem… 6 in a 12 line poem or as many as you’d like…

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Let’s Pretend We’re Married
I Hate U, you say
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
Every Day Is A Winding Day, I say,
I Feel For You, but I don’t want to be married anymore
I Wanna Be Your Lover
in that case, you say, Breakfast Can Wait
but I was looking forward to Starfish And Coffee
and there are Thieves In The Temple
Do Me, Baby, you say, do me Soft And Wet
be my Partyman, you Sexy Motherfucker
you are The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
and you’re right
Breakfast Can Wait

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 21

From Chris Jarmick:

Here’s a micro-poetry challenge. 140 characters maximum like Twitter. Spaces count. Maximum 28 characters (including spaces per line). Can you do a five line poem that has 28 characters per line? Can you do a 10 line poem that has 14 characters per line? Can you mix the two like this for an 8 line poem? 14 14 28 14 14 28 14 14 ?

Yes, be as creative as you would like with this. “C” could be used for see (or sea or yes in Spanish) for instance. AHA!

only twenty-eight characters
per line? what a pain in the
but what about smiley faces?
what if I hit space 28 times
tweeting is for the birds…

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 20

Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a smooth cascading way like a waterfall.

Basically the lines from the first stanza become the last lines of all subsequent stanzas in the same order. So the number of stanzas is determined by the number of lines in the first stanza.

there is a memory
where you smile

and joking

it was long ago
before the frown
there is a memory

where you were happy
in a good place
where you smile